This cable for connection  between indicator and score board standard lenght : 10 meters ( can customised of lenght).

There are 4 model plug for excellent’s product of indicator to SB-YHL series:

  • For indicator A1+p /A9+p (Cable SB YHL – A1+p/A9+p)
  • For indicator A12E /A12ESS  (Cable SB YHL – A12E/A12ESS)
  • For indicator E8A (Cable SB YHL – E8A)
  • For indicator C602 (Cable SB YHL – C602)

There are 5 model plug for excellent’s product of indicator to SB-RS series:

  • For indicator A1+p /A9+p (Cable SB RS – A1+p/A9+p)
  • For indicator E8A (Cable SB RS – E8A)
  • For indicator GBSS / 315 – A1 (Cable SB RS – GBSS/315A1)
  • For indicator GW  (Cable SB RS – GW)
  • For indicator C602 (Cable SB RS – C602)


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