Timbangan Super H20

Timbangan Super H20



  • Plastic housing with stainless steel plater
  • Water proof IP68
  • Double displays LED 0.56” high
  • Hi Ok Lo limit function
  • Suitable for production line with anti vibration
  • Suitable using for weigh seafood
  • Suitable using in cold storage room
  • Can weigh into the water


Model Capacity Division
Super H2O – 3kg 3kg 0.2g
Super H2O – 6kg 6kg 0.5g
Super H2O – 15kg 15kg 1g
Super H2O – 30kg 30kg 2g
  • Working temperature: -5˚C – +35˚C
  • Storage temperature: -25˚C – +50˚C
  • Power supply : AC 220v(+/- 10%) + DC 6v/5Ah Rechargeable battery
  • Pan size : 175 (W) x 210(L)mm
  • Shape size : 260(W) x 230(L) x 150(H)mm
  • Carton size : 260(W) x 300(L) x 170(H)mm
  • Gross weight /pcs : 4 kg


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